BGMC 7 - Playthrough

This video is made by klauser from the blenderartists forum. He played and commented games made for the challenge. Big thanks to him and here is the video:


  1. Is there some newsletter or something else I can subscribe to, to be reminded of future BGMC's? I missed out on all of them so far because I didn't know this was a thing.

  2. I will try to setup a mailing list but I think they are not free. I wish there is a way to make it more public but its hard because there is a lot of stuff I have to do for every challenge. For the next one I hope to have a mailing list setup, BlenderNation announcement, and maybe a price for the winner (something digital from the blender store).

    The challenge is a great way to make something really fast and then see does it work and do people like it. You also get inspired by other developers.

    1. ah ok. When will the next one probably start?

    2. The next one will be Monday April 15th - April 22. The date was picked by the winner of this challenge here:

      I made a google group you can join and I you will get all updates via email that way:!forum/bgmchallenge

      Also there is a facebook page as of this morning but its blank since I don't really have the time to handle all of them. Google group and the facebook page will be used only for announcements.
      The blog is used to keep all the games in one place and the ba forum is used for everything else.

      I hope to see you in the next challenge.