Blender Game Making Challenge 7

After more than a year BGMC is back and the theme is: Sky
Hello developers, the Blender Game Making Challenge is back.
Its time to take some time off from your current project and have some fun trying something new. This is also a great opportunity to meet other developers and take inspiration from their projects. Now lets get started:

General rules are on the rules page (please read them) but there are some new rules specific to this challenge. Because we didn't have a challenge in a long time and some of us are busy during the weekend, the time frame will be extended a little bit. The challenge starts now and ends on midnight GMT Sunday the 10th. I hope this will give enough time for everyone to work on their game.

I know we all live in different time zones so use this link to keep track of time. Feel free to interpret the theme any way you like, make a thread in the game wip subforum on (more details on the rules page) to announce your game and start working on it. Please post updates at least once a day so we know you are alive :)

If I missed something please let me know here and good luck to all of you !


  1. Just some communities you might wanna invite ;-)
    ("Events" are perfectly for that ;-) )

  2. I didn't know they exist, thank you for inviting them.