Dark City by Geometricity

"For the challenge I will be making a side scrolling platform game based on the movie Dark City. You will play as the lead character (John Murdoch). The gameplay will mostly consist of the player trying to jump buildings the are morphing into different structures, and fighting the bad guys (Strangers) with your telekinetic power by throwing things in the environment with your mind.
The project as I envision it now, may be a little too ambitious for the seven day time frame. So if I don't finish it in time for the deadline I will still continue to work on this project and try to polish the game as much as possible. When I do eventually finish I will then make the .blend available to everyone. 
If anyone would like to help me with the effects for the telekinetic blast wave that comes from John's forehead(the tuning), I would put your name in the credits part of the main menu right next to mine. The tuning looks similar to ripples in a pool of water going in one direction. I lack the python skills to be able to program some kind of fake refraction effect, so if left up to me I'd probably just use an animated texture. 
And of course any feedback is greatly appreciated.
Stranger Danger!
Unfortunately I didn't make use of my Stranger Character. There was just so much I could do, and I decided to put all my focus on how the player interacts with the buildings. It's a very hard game to beat even without bad guys trying to cut you with a dagger, so you might waste about an hour of your life trying to beat it. Enjoy!!
If the Game runs too slow (you probably need a new computer) just play it in wireframe mode, it's just as fun."

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