Dredd - team project

  • Austin - office level
  • George - music
  • Mattline1 - weapon model
  • pqftgs - programming 

"We based our game on Judge Dredd. Specifically the 2012 incarnation.
Some life stuff came up so we had to skimp on characters and playable content, but nevertheless the game still exists.
The main (if not only) element related to the movie is the weapon, which features 3+1 weapon modes mentioned in the movie.
However, we did manage to pull off 2-player coop with lobby and relay server.

-Only 2 small maps (1 SP training, 1 MP survival without win conditions)
-Thoroughly untested. Expect plenty of bugs.
-The 4th weapon mode (incendiary) no longer works
-Many things are lacking animations
-For those that aren't: I didn't bother making animations sync over the network
-Thrown together with loads of boiler plate code
-No chat
-Multiplayer is only supported under Linux and Windows
For other platforms, you'll need to build pyenet and place it alongside game.blend
-In the confusion of uploading the final version, somewhere I mismatched some .blends and scripts, so clients may experience floating eyes and other strange behavior with NPCs.
WASD = move
Space = jump / move up as spectator
C = move down as spectator
Left mouse = attack
E = general activation button (pick up weapon, open door, etc)
1-4 = switch weapon modes
5 = switch to extra weapon (if you have one)
R = reset ammo and targets (training only)
Tested with blender 2.68a, but might work on anything with python3.3"

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