WALL-E by Monster

"Grab your remote control and let WALL-E clean up Earth - at least a small bit of it ."

* The player controls WALL-E (no he is not the one from the movie, there are more of them running around  all called WALL-E)
* collect trash from the surrounding (collect cleaning points)
* compress the trash to blocks
* put the blocks into giant towers

* solve logical riddles (to overcome obstacles)
* ensure he survives
* collect spare parts
* upgrade your WALL-E
* repair your WALL-E

"The game was developed and tested on Win8 (64). It runs from Blender as well as with the blenderplayer (as argument).
There is just one level. For time beeing some things are just dirty hacks .
Be aware the Physics might produce some unexpected results (like make Wall-E fly [away]).
left mouse button + mouse
/ left chain
/ right chain
grab and release compressed blocks
collect and compress
Avoid liquids. They damage Wall-E.
Try to reach the next contact point over the trench.
Have fun. "

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