Bako and the Spirit of Rain by Lake

Download Bako and the spirit of rain souce file - Download Bako and the spirit of rain
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Rated : 8.4/10

The goal for now is to collect 15 cloud scattered on the ground and
back to the village to irrigate fields (the end is unfortunately bugged).

-You can use the horse to go faster (too buggy after the first use).
-There just has a lion in the square (not able to put more), you can kill him.
-The animation of the horse and the panther was not accomplished due to time constraints.
-There is no sound effect for the character or other entity.
-Quick tip: the ground is a little large but you will find the cloud where there has rock and foliage.
\\\I don't Made///
2D Filters By Martinsh
And other script.

Music by Zakir Hussain (Not had time to compose myself)
Ambient Sound : Youtube

2 sand texture and footprint on Google
2 font on
And ... That's it! better than nothing lol.
And thank for your Feedback.
I hope you still enjoy!


Enter : Skip Intro
P : Pause/InGame Menu (Doesn't work on horse :-s)
Esc : Quit the game
WASD : Walk
WASD + Shift: Run
F : catch the cloud (To catch the clouds, put you near of it and press long "F")
E : up / down of Horse

Key 1 : Enable 2D filter
Key 2 : Disable 2D filter
Key 3 : Enable SSAO (disable key2)

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