GaiaForge by Kheetor

Download GaiaForge souce - windows - windows x64
Rating : 9.0/10

GaiaForge is a puzzle game where you need to match different elements of nature together on a spherical grid "Gaia".

In each level you will get total 20 elements of nature you need to place on your Gaia. The elements will analyze their neighbors and you must forging the areas with certain logic such as Fire can't lie next to Ice or Forest. Detailed rules you will learn by playing through the 16 levels included.

Quick guide:
Place element pieces with Left Mouse Button and rotate the Gaia around with Middle Mouse Button. You can erase pieces with Right Mouse Button.
Red markers between pieces: incompatible elements next to eachother
Yellow markers: element missing
Red marker on top of a piece: 3 of the same type elements surrounding (can be max 2)

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