Gene Machine by DownshiftDX

Rated : 4.8/10

Name: Gene Machine (Working title)
Style: Top down 2.5D free swimming
Setting: Inside the human uterus.

I took a different look on the concept of "nature" for this and asked what is more natural than reproduction?

Gene Machine sees the player guiding a single sperm cell via LEFT and RIGHT arrows to control swimming and forward momentum in order to seek out and fertilize the ova. The play area will have other sperm (if I can work out some AI) who are racing against the player, enzymes that will attack, as well as damage from the boundary and just existing in the environment. (It is a race against your health meter and conserving energy for swimming / drill-attacking)

The ova will be randomly spawned from either side of the fallopian tubes without the player knowing which way to go and will slowly drift down into the uterus. Also I am thinking of having a randomly spawned IUD that will occasionally wipe out all the sperm immediately at the start of the game. (YOU ALL LOSE! TRY AGAIN! Haha)

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