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So I have finished my game, haven't made so much update here because I got school and I had to work with the project.
This game is about Kroker, the character you play who is running the farm, there isn't tons of futures but the futures I have finished is well programed and well builded with a lot of nodes (about 100-300 nodes i'm not sure) and also some scripts.
The genre is nature and simulation.
You can buy seeds and plant them at a field.
When they have growth can you press H and harvest them
You can pick up an axe and chop wood.
You can buy nails.
When you have enough money, wood and nails so can you buy a new warehouse and a tractor.
There are some well worked textures, I really succeeded with the grass after I baked the AO and the SH so I actually could compare it with grass texture in the cryengine engine, and it wasn't much difference between the quality in real time
all the buildings are UV mapped.
There are also a lot of props at the map.
There is a menu with a help option and ofcourse start and a exit buttons
I got the most texture from free textures sites and I also got the font from a free font site.
I hope you guys like it and remember to take a deep look at the graphic because I have really been trying to show some graphic power from the bge.
If we would have more time for this competition so would I have added zombies, a drive function for the tractor and some other fun stuff!
Greetings Per Eriksson

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