Submission time

Sorry no video this time guys been busy and making my nature game aswell.
Ok so It’s all over , Time is up.

You have a day to upload and send us your game.

Start packing your blends up you’ve got a day to upload the files and send them to us. Please find below instructions on how to submit your entry.

prepare your submissions as follows,
Back data into blend file(file, external data, pack data into blend file)
[Extra step for windows users]
Save game runtime(enable in addond panel, file/user prefrences/addons/game engine:save as game engine runtime/ then file/export/ save game engine runtime)
Then zip up the blend file and upload it to somewhere online
We recommend –
Dropbox(public folder)
Google drive(share public)
Paste all (packedblend files only)
Leave a coment  in this thread
 with a link to your game and ur work in progress thread then we will get back to u with links. You could also email us directly at ( a subject of bgmc11 entry, with eather a link to ur blend file or the actual file if it will fit in an email, just make shure to pack data)
Remember to also say what version of blender you used so that everyone can play the way you intended.

All the games will be downloaded by me then uploaded to the bgmc Google drive to ensure that people don’t update the files while they are being judges as that would not be fair.
Then the voting will open ounce everyone has submitted and the votes will be open for a week . People who submitted games will be given a game and a link to track the downloads of their submision. Then link your friends and get a buzz around ur game and the challenge.

Thanks again everyone for the turn out and hard work you have all put in , I’m sure there a lot of great game projects came out of this challenge.

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