BGMC 12 Is Coming Soon!

Hey, all! This is Joystik Studios, the winner of the last BGMC, and I will be organizing this one. The challenge will be held on the 10th of March, 2014. The theme will be announced the day before the challenge.

For those of you who are new to this challenge, the BGMC is the Blender Game Making Challenge, a week long challenge where Blender users make a game based off the theme. The winners are chosen by a judging panel and prizes are distributed to the winners.

The judges consist of, do far, 3 people. Myself, Thatimster, and a SixGunBen, who is not on Blenderartists or anything as of yet. Now, I've got my own reasons why I chose these judges. First, we have Thatimster, who is pretty self-explanatory. I mean, come on, it's Thatimster! I'm pretty self-explanatory, too. SixGunBen is a Blender user but is not an avid game developer, however, he is an extreme gamer. This will give him some extra insight into how good gameplay and graphics are and such. Sinan, another game developer, was contacted and has not responded, but if he responds by the end of the week, he will also be a judge. kbot, a large name on the off-topic chat section of Blenderartists was also contacted, and is in the same situation as Sinan. kbot was selected because he is a Blender user but has little to no experience in the game engine (sorry, kbot). This will giver him an unbiased view of the games.

The prizes will probably never be as good as wallmasterr's, but I do have a surprise game for first place that will be mailed to them after the challenge is over. First prize will also receive the rights to the next challenge, and will also get his/her game featured in the Hall of Fame page that will be put up following the challenge. For second and third place winners, sorry, no physical prizes, just a Hall of Fame spot and a chance to try again next time.

Once again, the 10th of March, so get ready for the Blender Game Making Challenge 12!

P.S. Oops, I got the date wrong on the banner!

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