BGMC 12 Theme Announced!

Hey, all, Joystik Studios with an update to the challenge. The theme has been announced!

Here it is: Olympic Sports!

With the winter Olympics recently over in Socii, Russia, I decided to have you guys make game themed off of those sports. This would also include summer Olympic sports. Here are the rules: You have to choose one sport from this list to make a game of. It can be from the Summer or Winter category. You may only use resources that you have created during the week you have to make your game, except for pre-written python scripts. Any resources from the Game Engine Resources section are alright, too. You must announce where you got your pre-made resources if you used any, so that others can use them too. The only exception to this is this basemesh, because I know what a pain character modeling is. There is another link on the page to a female version if you like. They are low-poly and game ready.

The reason I chose this theme is because of how hard physics are in games. A lot of sports have to do with physics, even so simple as golf. I'd like to see how you guys can get around these obstacles in the BGE.

To be officially entered in the contest, create a thread on BA complying to the guidelines on the rules page.

Remember that you can't start until Monday the 10th, so plan your games today and start blending tommorrow! For rules on how to set up your BA thread, check out the rules page.

Happy Coding!

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