Blender Game Making Challenge 13 - Theme announcement


The blender game making challenge is pretty simple. Make a complete game, using the blender game engine, start and finish, in a week. The official start is Sunday the 17th, 12:01 AM and it ends Saturday the 23rd at midnight. The challenge is a competition amongst your peers, but also a challenge to yourself, to push your planning, game making, and polishing skills out of your normal comfort zone. This is how we improve.


It’s easy to make a game using the full force of your modern computer, but it’s harder when you must develop for a specific platform/console. This game making challenge will revolve around hardware requirements and resource allocation for one of the first consoles capable of 3d: the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This way you may not be fully able to rely on amazing graphics and HD modeling to make your game good (prove me wrong) so your game might have to rely on solid gameplay mechanics instead. Here are the slightly modified SNES hardware requirements (aka contest rules):

  • No textures bigger than 64 x 64 are allowed
  • Screen size/resolution must be no larger than 512 wide x 480 tall
  • No more than 250 polygons (faces) are allowed in the active scene (This is not how many are on the screen, but how many are in the WHOLE scene) (also, use the honor system) (also, this number really doesn’t take into account LODs or instancing, just try and keep it as best as you can, this is supposed to be a challenge, so challenge yourself)

Other than those 3 rules, anything else goes. I encourage you to use previously made scripts and assets, advanced shaders, filters, and materials, use lighting and shadows! And the game can be whatever kind you want, whatever genre you want. You could even remake a SNES game if you wanted! Just follow the 3 development rules.


I think that some of the best people to judge these competitions are those who participate in it. So, the week after the contest will be judging week, where I would kindly ask the community/participants to play the submitted games (ugh! Forcing me to play games?!) and message me scores (from 1 to 10) of each of the 4 categories below:

  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Polish

The community vote will constitute 60% of the entry’s total score, and my small judging panel’s vote will be the remainder. I think that the best prize for these challenges is the satisfaction and experience of squeezing out a game in a week, along with the INFINITE GLORY you get from winning and the GLORIOUS HONOR to choose the next theme and having your name engraved in the PRESTIGIOUS HALL OF FAME. However, I will not be the one to abolish prizes, so the 1st place winner gets INFINITE GLORY plus a $20 steam card plus the GLORIOUS HONOR of hosting the next challenge and choosing the theme, and the 2nd placer will just get a lowly $20 steam gift card.

Pictures for inspiration!

Posted by Shogun Lloyd on Blenderartists. Link