Blender Game Making Challenge 14 - Theme Announced!

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Wait, hold the phone! What IS the BGMC?!

The Blender Game Making Challenge (or BGMC for short) is a week-long competition where people of the community make games relevant to contest's theme. It's secondary purpose is to encourage people to improve, either by trying to make something you've never tried making before, working with time-restraints or trying to aim for a specific style.

The Theme/Rules:
Your goal is to create (or re-create) something from the N64-era. The rules are:

Max 150,000 polys. I don't think anyone will actually exceed the limit, so try your best to stick to the low-poly style of the N64
2- Textures should be 32x64 pixels
3- Any assets created before the competition should be available for the community to use.

Gonna go ahead and copy Shogun Lloyd's scoring system from last BGMC,
after you've play-tested all games, message the score to me with a score of 1-10 for each of the following categories:

1- Gameplay (how 'playable' is it?)
2- Graphics (how 'purdy' does the game look?)
3- How N64-worthy is it? (self-explanatory)

The winner will receive a 20$ Steam Gift Card, along with a free copy of a huge plant asset package, generously donated by BA member, ThaTimster. You can check it out here: PlantKingdomPackage

Here's a little something I threw together real' quick:

Well wait a minute, how do I enter?:
There is no sign up sheet, all ya gotta do is navigate yourself to the "Works In Progress" forum, start a thread, title it like so:
"Bgmc 14 | 'Name of game'" and you're done! Be sure to let the community in on what you're making!

On the final day of the competition, in order to submit your game, you must create a thread in the "Finished Games" forum with a download link to the game.


The competition will be taking place from Monday 29th, 12:01 AM - Sunday 4th 11:59 PM

Any questions, feel free to ask! You can also check out the site,
which is currently being managed by BA member pqftgs.

Good luck to everyone! :]