Blender Game Making Challenge 15 - Theme Announced!


Blender Game Making Challenge 15 - Theme Announced!

Wait, hold the phone! What IS the BGMC?!
The Blender Game Making Challenge (or BGMC for short) is a week-long competition where people of the community make games relevant to contest's theme. It's secondary purpose is to encourage people to improve, either by trying to make something you've never tried making before, working with time-restraints or trying to aim for a specific style.

The Theme/Rules:
Your goal is to make a game about robots. They don't have to be big, they don't have to be tough looking, cute robots are OK. They can be futuristic, or modern or retro. There's nothing to stop you making steam punk robots. Robotic games like this are also allowed:

Cyborgs, mecha, androids, mechanoids whatever you want...

The rules are:

No limits! As many polys and textures as your computer can handle. But remember other people have to be able to play your game if they are going to vote. If it melts my graphics card you're going to get a down vote from me.
2- Only 7 days for actual game creation. Don't get too ambitious as you may never finish on time.
3- Any assets created before the competition should be available for the community to use (i.e.posted in the resources forum). You can use scripts, models, rigs, 2d filters or any of the other great resources people have posted in the resource forum.
4- If you use any pre-created assets please credit the person who created them in your WIP thread.
5- You don't have to use the latest version of Blender, but be aware that making someone download 2.49b just to play your game will probably lose you votes.
6- There should be robots in there somewhere!

This time judging is going to be a bit different. There was the opportunity for gaming the old system, if someone had voted very low scores for the other games their own score would have gone up in contrast (since all the scores were added together). I'm sure no one cheated, but they could have if they'd wanted to.

After playing all the games you can assign points from a pool. You get 100 points to award over all, but you've got to spend them all and you can't vote for your own game! One overall score for each game, just to make things easy for you all.

But please consider the following:
Is it fun?
Does it have an interesting concept?
Is it well made (graphics, coding, sounds etc..)
Is it playable (few bugs or bad performance)?
Have they tried to make it accessible (options for non-WASD players etc...)?
Does it have robots in it?
Are the robots cool/cute?
Are the robots supposed to be cool/cute?
Are the instructions clear?
Did you finish the game and how long did it take you?
Do you think they really made the game in 7 days?
Are there any mitigating circumstances (the developer is 9 years old)?

The winner will receive a Steam Gift Card, along with something else cool which hasn't been decided yet.

For inspiration here are some random images:
How do I enter?:
There is no sign up sheet, you just have to navigate yourself to the "Works In Progress" forum, start a thread, title it like so:
"Bgmc 15 | 'Name of game'" and you're done! Be sure to let the community in on what you're making!

On the final day of the competition, in order to submit your game, you must create a thread in the "Finished Games" forum with a download link to the game. (Preferably the .blend file)


You can start planning your games now (if you haven't already).
The first day of the competition will be February 14th and it will run until February 22nd. You have 7 days during that time to devote to making your game. You can fix bugs or whatever up until the last day, then all the games will be collected in to a pack and voting will begin.

If you have any questions please post them here. You can also check out the site,
which is currently being managed by (???).

One extra thing:
If you need any technical help with your game you can post in the Game Engine Support and Discussion Forum with the prefix [BGMC15] and I'll try to take a look at your problem if I'm around.

THANKS to RANDOM PICKLE97 for hosting the last BGMC, I shamelessly stole this thread layout from you, sorry.
And GOOD LUCK to everyone taking part!