BGMC 15 winners

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Hi everyone! The votes are in for the Blender game making contest 15 and I'd like to announce the winners:

1st place was Planet Smasher by Battery.
We've got some prizes around here somewhere for you, congratulations!
I thought the game was very well realized for a 7 day game jam with lots of options and smooth gameplay.

2nd place goes to Mechatronic by Thatimster.
The game was great, with really nice graphics and fitting special effects.

3rd place goes to Robo Lad In the Lab by Wallmaster.
A really good result since Wallmaster came to the competition late and only had 2 nights to work on the game.

Congratulations also to RockyMadio's Kaily - the Canceller which only missed 3rd place by 1 vote. It was a gorgeous game and I'll certainly be following RockyMadio's other projects from here on.

If anyone else would like to see your score and position in the leaderboard please PM me.
Congratulations to everyone and thanks to you all for taking part.

I'm looking forward to BGMC 16 which will be hosted by Battery!