BGMC 17 Winners Announced

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So another Blender Game making contest draws to a close.
Congratulations to everyone who took part, it was a close finish, and for a while it looked like everyone was going to win.

The gold medal, and grand prizes go to Otto001 and Blenderrendersky. Nice job on the winning game, it was my personal favorite, even with a massive bug where I couldn't save any people at all, I still really enjoyed it.

Blenderrendersky has uploaded an updated version of Fireman with some improvements suggested by players, so go and give it a try if you haven't already.

Silver goes to Thatimster, for his Discrete fishing, which I thought had the very best Easter egg of the competition. the second time he's come second AFAIK. Congratulations!

Third place is split between Adriansnetlis with his thrilling Golden Reel Fishing, and twisterGE, whose RC boat racing was totally radical!

I'm looking forward to what Blenderrendersky will be doing with the next BGMC, hopefully I can free up some time to enter that one myself.

I'd like to personally thank pqftgs and Thatimster for donating the prizes for this BGMC. Thanks guys, you are amazing!