Blender Game Making Challenge 20 - Theme annoucement

"Welcome to the Blender Game Making Competition #20!
This is a contest for anyone who wishes to create a game with the Blender Game Engine.
The theme of this BGMC is Flight.

Some necessary logistics:

The contest starts on 13-3-2016 at 00:00 UTC
The contest ends on 27-3-2016 at 00:00 UTC

The winner will be chosen via votes cast during the week following the end of the competition.
Voting works by scoring the game from 1 to 5 in seven different categories (stolen from the popular Ludum Dare competition)

Innovation – The unexpected. Things in a unique combination, or something so different it’s notable.
Fun – How much you enjoyed playing a game. Did you look up at the clock, and found it was 5 hours later?
Theme – How well an entry suits the theme. Do they perhaps do something creative or unexpected with the theme?
Graphics – How good the game looks, or how effective the visual style is. Nice artwork, excellent generated or geometric graphics, charming programmer art, etc.
Audio – How good the game sounds, or how effective the sound design is. A catchy soundtrack, suitable sound effects given the look, voice overs, etc.
Mood – Storytelling, emotion, and the vibe you get while playing.
Overall – Your overall opinion of the game, in every aspect important to you.

The winner is the game with the highest sum total of all categories combined.


Collaboration is allowed and encouraged
Please resist working on your game until the competition has begun (but feel free to start brainstorming).
Submit your entry by writing a post in the Finished Games forum with the prefix [BGMC 20] in the title.
Lastly and foremost, make sure you have fun!!


Winner gets to pick the theme & host the next BGMC
If you're into stackexchange, I'll happily award a bounty to your best answer on blender.stackexchange.

Good luck!"

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